Pen Name "Brons Nelson"

Founder of Different-not-Defective Inc.

Author - Speaker - Broadcaster - Thinker - Problem Solver

Member of the Society of Professional Journalist



His calling card reads, "Author, Speaker, Humorist." 

Millions know him as the voice behind the American Storyteller Radio Journal, and the creator of Sojourn to the Soul. 

His business manager, Marc Goldman of Damon Brooks Associates in Los Angeles, describes him as "The Throwaway Kid," a reference to his difficult youth.

His inner circle knows him as a passionate crusader for education, human rights, and a champion of social justice. 

A Sitting United States Governor, in a joint order with the Secretary of State, honored him with a lifetime Colonel's Commission for his service to the nation. 

Perhaps, Nelson 'Brons' Lauver's description of himself is the most revealing of all. He smiles as he admits, "I was a curious and imaginative little boy who grew up to be a curious and imaginative little boy."


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This new book has its own website where you can read it right now at absolutely no cost.  

Each chapter was uploaded as Brons and the Editor make revisions. 


The book is written in blog format with lots of subheadings to make it easier for people with dyslexia to read. 


Not only can you read chapters right away, but you will also be able to download the entire eBook from Amazon at the lowest possible price that Amazon permits (99 Cents).


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"Brons is a great storyteller.  It was his way with words, charm and really genuine style that had us all on the edge of our seats.  I’ve truly never seen a more enthralled audience!"

                                                      ~  Jessica Tomkins, Literacy Volunteers of New Jersey



The eBook price has been lowered on Amazon to 99 Cents to make it easily available to people who need it the most!

Life in idyllic 1960s McAlisterville, Pennsylvania seems so promising to young Nelson Lauver. But unidentified dyslexia soon turns optimism into struggle and shame as he falls far behind in school and is branded lazy.


Confused, angry, and determined not to be the “dumb kid,” he chooses instead to become the “bad kid,” ending up a loner at odds with the world – and with himself. Nelson resigns himself to joining the ranks of millions of Americans who try to hide their inability to read and write.


At age 29, a chance encounter leads to dyslexia testing and a profound rebirth. Ironically, the boy who was afraid to have anyone hear him try to read launches a new career as a writer, broadcaster, and speaker.

This uplifting memoir goes beyond one man's account of rising above his painful youth. Most Unlikely to Succeed is an inspirational story that speaks profoundly to anyone who has ever struggled to be heard, understood, or to make their way in the world.

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